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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is ready to Inspire You

The Power of God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy will be pleased to teach and inspire you while introducing you to the power of God. Believers’ Loveworld USA is spreading an abundance of joy throughout our world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is grateful to have the opportunity to teach others about the power of God and the Christian denomination. Loveworld had been founded in the year 1990. This is a mega church with a clear mission. Loveworld USA has already become a top global network of churches. Millions have become members. The power of God has reached over 50 countries. The Christ Embassy mission operates primarily in the USA, South Africa, UK, Nigeria and Canada. Pastor Chris is the founder of this church. There are thousands to millions of individuals who attend the many programs that are offered. This had all started with a prayer group and continues to grow and teach others about the power of God. A strengthened faith is the outcome. Many are finding refuge from this, sometimes, turbulent world. The power of God offers, to many, an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.


The USA: Launching a Religious Channel

It has been announced that Loveworld USA has launched a new TV channel. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome along with Pastor Benny Hinn launched this in order to fully demonstrate the Power of God. This is a new cable channel that will help you to strengthen your faith as God’s power is clearly demonstrated. The launching of Loveworld will be reaching so many people all around the world. God’s manifested presence will touch the lives of thousands. Oyakhilome has become the pioneer of the very first 24-hour satellite network. The first Christian network. This will be broadcasted from the United Kingdom and Africa. The message of Christ’s salvation will spread to millions through this channel. The Gospel of Jesus will be preached and discovered through this religious broadcast. Both the pastors are highly credible, knowledgeable and experienced teachers.


Available Worldwide

Loveworld is actually based in California, USA. The internet has made this available to everyone around the world. It is broadcasted via the Spectrum Cable Network. This offers an absolutely spectacular series from both of the pastors:

* crusades

* conferences

* anointed music

* special prays shows

Christ’s salvation is powerful and will continue to spread throughout the globe with the help of the religious channel.