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How to Start Riding the Kick Scooter If you have been seeing some pro scooter riders enjoying themselves with the scooters and you must have been fascinated and want to learn how to do the same. It is also possible that you have wanted the scooter riding videos on YouTube and then met the local riders do some funny moves. This might have started some fire inside yourself wanting to learn how to ride them but you didn’t have a way out. Understanding the basics of scooter riding is essential. Safety is a priority for any rider. Being a new rider, it is advisable that you get extra safety features. You are good to go if you have a helmet and wrist and knee pad. The next thing to do is to look for a place with lesser obstructions in terms of traffic, flat and smooth. As you get experience, you can move to places with higher traffic and rougher terrain. If you want a smooth ride, avoid holes and cracks. Mastering the right body posture is the next thing to do. Hold the handle bars by your hands. One foot should be firmly on the ground while the other should be in the center of the deck. You are now ready to push. The foot on the ground should supply you with the forward push force. Keep the foot hovering about an inch above the ground as you glide. if you loose balance, the foot will offer the support and push you again.
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Now that you have spent off, it is time to look for balance. Attempt to bring the foot that is on the ground yet to other scooter’s deck. You will be more balanced if you keep the front long vertical tube of your scooter straight. Using the brakes is a safety as well as procedural skills. Your left foot will help you press the brakes. To slow down, press the brakes gently and press hard to stop in seconds. Always have your foot on the brakes when moving down the slopes.
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If and when turning corners, rotate the handle bar slowly. A fast rotation may cause loss of balance and therefore fall. To learn how to become a pro scooter rider, you have to practice. After you routinely do the above, you will become fine in a matter of time. Learn scooter riding from fellow riders and enjoy and the experience. Visit the best scooter store to buy the best scooter for you and you will enjoy. You can make your child happy by purchasing the best kick scooter at an affordable price. There are several alternatives of kick scooters that you can choose from depending on your preferences.