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What to look for in a five-star hotel in Mumbai

The success of your Mumbai trip depends on the hotel you pick. Choosing a 5-star hotel is always a great idea – read on to know how to do so.

Mumbai is always worth a visit. It has an infectious energy that brings to mind the buzz of New York, and a heart of gold that makes complete strangers reach out to each other in times of distress. Your holiday in Mumbai can be even more exciting if you book yourself into a posh 5-star hotel.

What makes for a great 5-star hotel in Mumbai? Look for these attributes:

1 Easily accessible from the airport. There’s a lot of travelling you will have to do when exploring Mumbai, and many points of interest are actually located quite far away from each other. So the hotel you stay at must be located as close to the airport as possible – imagine having to endure a long drive in heavy traffic after flying to the city. Luckily, The Leela Mumbai[1] is situated close to both the domestic and international airports. So whether you fly in from abroad or from within the country, you should reach this five-star hotel in Mumbai in just a few minutes.

2 Great service. One of the key points that distinguish the best hotels in Mumbai from the others, is the level of attentiveness and thoughtful service that they provide all guests. Some of the best 5 star hotels in Mumbai are especially considerate about the needs of children, and they provide child-friendly rooms and services for visiting families. Besides, they pride themselves on discreet service that provides just the right amount of attention without becoming intrusive.[2]

3 Great restaurants. You might move around Mumbai city to explore its many sights and attractions, but you might want to return to the hotel for an early dinner. The best hotels in Mumbai house restaurants that have created quite a niche for themselves – the recipes are crafted by famous chefs and you can always expect the best signature dishes on the menu. Besides, you will probably have your breakfast at the hotel, so why not pick one that has great restaurants to choose from[3]?

4 On-site amenities. Apart from excellent restaurants, it helps to choose a hotel that has other amenities like a great spa, gym and fitness centre, a well-appointed lounge and an inviting pool. You will love to explore the large hotel property and stroll on its lawns. Many great 5-star hotels also offer great deals on accommodation and meals[4].

5 Proximity to other places of interest. Most of the famous five star hotels in Mumbai are scattered all across the city, with some located in the suburbs and others in the tony neighbourhoods of Central and South Mumbai. The location you choose largely depends on what you wish to do in Mumbai. If you want to enjoy the seashore and some street shopping, picking a hotel near Marine Drive or Gateway of India helps. Or if you want to see the Film City, or watch a play at Juhu’s Prithvi Theatre, or go celeb spotting in Lokhandwala, you would do well to pick a suburban hotel.

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