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Why Hiking Poles are Important

Many people do not like using hiking poles. Perhaps they equate it to old age, and it is to be used by only the seniors in the society. However, you should consider hiking pole as one of your priorities when going for hiking because the benefits of the use of hike sticks are many.

One of the reasons why it is necessary to use hiking poles is to enhance your safety. A sidewalk on a paved path is not the same as hiking trails with woods. There are many objects on the trail that could make you slide and fall. This mostly happens in areas with steep hills and gullies with creeks crossing them. Hiking along the trails in the west coast and the Appellation Mountains of the east, you are assured that you will cross over many running creeks. Typically, rocks are slippery; this means that it is possible for you to slide and fall. There could be a large tree that has been fallen to bridge the creeks. To maintain your balance and stability; you need to have the hiking poles when hiking.

When you are using poles when hiking, your weight is distributed equally between the two poles and therefore you are safe from back injuries. This prevents you from getting body damages.
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The other benefit of hiking with poles is that apart from your feet, your arms and your upper body exercise too. This helps you from break body fat, and you develop muscles instead.
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Users of hiking sticks normally have fun when hiking. There are many clubs today that have been formed in different parts of the country that uses hiking poles because it if fun and at the same time beneficial.

The use of hiking poles is a relief to people whose knees have a problem. The knees are now relieved because of the use of hiking sticks because the weight on the legs is transferred to the arms.

In addition, hiking sticks can be necessary during an animal attack. The hiking poles can be used for defense if an animal want to attack you. This should, therefore, make you think of having hiking poles during your hikes for your advantage.

When climbing a steep hill, hiking sticks are necessary for pacing yourself. Since you are stable when climbing a hill due to the use of hiking poles, you can hike at high speed very easily. At the end of the trail, and you will realize that you were able to win very easily. Because of hiking in an upright position, you are not likely to experience back pain.