Christ embassy church of pastor chris oyakhilome

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Pastor Chris oyakhilome of Christ embassy is an emblem of hope to many throughout the world. His ministry that is spread in all over the continent is a symbol of peace that is what its real and original intention is. His humble beginning as pastor from Africa, a continent that is considered as the third world did not discourage him to spread the good news all over the world. It has not been an easy affair for him to reach such height as he has reached. From his native home in Nigeria, he has spread peace, hope to many who were hopeless and in despair. After that, he decided to spread his word to nearly 50 countries over the world. That is continuing giving hope to a lot of people who are seen to be hopeless.

Christ embassy church of Pastor Chris oyakhilome is a well-known church that is spread many countries from Nigeria, South Africa, England and Europe to America and Canada. These churches across the world have been guided by the original creed of the church that is simplicity and servitude to the humble and disadvantaged people of society. These church has come up with various programe that is intended to spread the gospel to many souls that are lost. Not only is his intention to spread the gospel but also to spread charity to disadvantaged. For instance, the church builds schools, hospitals and also pay tuition for needy students, support poor and widows in society all over. These initiatives of the church have shown a good example that a church can do apart from just preaching the word. Pastor Chris oyakhilome who is the patron supervises all these programs and directs on how all the activities are run. Chris oyakhilome give a chance to many hopeless people who are touched by the preaching of the pastor.

Chris oyakhilome launch of his tv program is a vital step towards the spread of his gospel to the world. This television program intention is to spread the good news to the country which does not have the Church so that they can receive the word. This program also acts as a platform for many people who want to receive the good news and are in fear of being seen to be part of that congregation. For instance, you are a Muslim and want to be part of Christian faith you just tune on tv program, and you can get blessed by the preaching. Also, these tv program has enabled those hopeless people to access the right initiative started by the church, for instance by watching people around the world can see the good deeds and try to be like them. Church also spread hope to those individuals who have no time to go to church and prefer to stay at home and either sleep all day, but with these, they can get the word of God at home without struggling to go to church. Giving hope to many has been the main achievement to Christ embassy church follower who is hopeless and needs hope these is done through pastor Chris oyakhilome on his television program.