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Jamaican Cuisine is Rich with Spices and Color

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Jamaica is one of the best known of the world’s Caribbean island nations. Located in the heart of the Caribbean region, Jamaica is famous for many things including music, glorious beaches and the Jamaican bobsled team. As many people have found out, Jamaica also offers some world class cuisine. The native cuisine is varied and full of flavor. Travelers will find dishes that have been influenced by many other cultures including Chinese, Indian and African. The result is a rich and delicious food culture that calls the diner all over the island. Try classic dishes like saltfish and ackee. Other regional specialties abound. Soups are popular here along with freshly baked bread and sweets that take advantage of abundant local fruit like coconuts and plantains.

Enjoy Curry and Jerk Seasoning

One thing that many travelers immediately notice when visiting Jamaica is how much Jamaicans love their curry. Curry is everywhere …